Trifecta Trifecta

Wednesday 07.11.18


A) 2 Rounds:

200m Row
20 High Knees
20 Butt Kickers
10 Lunges (5 Each Leg)
10 Squats
5 Inchworms


3 sets x 5 reps Back Squat

Objective: find a weight that is moderately challenging to build off of every week for the next 8 weeks. Rest 3 minutes between sets (Compare to 7/1. This is Week 2 of 8).

Strength Tip

Keep your midsection tight and send your butt slightly back and down. Avoid letting your back round, maintain thoracic extension and only squat as low as proper form allows. Weight should be in the middle of your foot as you reach the bottom – and as you come up from the bottom of the squat.



4 Rounds:

400m Run
20 Wall Balls, 20#/14#
20 Walking Lunges

Workout Tip

Run: the athlete must complete each round of 400M in 2 minutes or under. Scale distance to 200M if athletes struggle with running.

Wall Balls: athletes should complete each set in no more than 2 sets. Scale load if needed.

Lunges: athletes should work on performing all lunges unbroken.

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