Trifecta Trifecta

Tuesday 09.25.18


A) 2 Rounds:

400m Run
20 Wall Balls, 20#/14#
10 Broad Jumps

B) For quality, not for time:

15-12-9 reps of:

Dumbbell Power Cleans, 35#/25#
Dumbbell Front Squats, 35#/25#


Power Clean, From Floor
3 sets x 1 rep

Objective: build over the first four sets to a manageable single, then repeat that weight for three more sets.

Strength Tip

If athlete’s technique is not there yet with the clean from the ground, stay above the knees and master this position first before adding more range of motion. Make Sure athletes weight is in the middle of the foot, and their back is straight with their shoulders pinched back. From the ground lift the bar and receive the bar in the front rack position with the hip crease of the athlete above parallel.



For Time:

Row 1000m
50 Thrusters, 45#
30 Pull-Ups

Workout Tip

Row: for athletes likely to row slower than a 2:30/500m Split, reduce the distance to 750m.

Thrusters: athlete should be able to work at a rate of 10 thrusters every time they grab the bar! Scale load to light dumbbells if needed.

Pull-Ups: athlete should be able to complete this in no more than five sets. Scale repetitions as needed. Scale to jumping chest to bar pull-ups.

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