Trifecta Trifecta

Tuesday 06.04.19


A) 3 Rounds:

100m Run
10 Single-Unders
10 Ball Slams

B) 3 Rounds:

10 Strict Press, with an empty bar
10 Russian Swings
10 Calorie Bike


Push Press

5 @ RPE 7
5 @ RPE 8
5 @ RPE 9x2sets

Strength Tip

Objective: build to an RPE of 9 then perform the same weight for one more set.

Push Press: start with the bar in the front rack position. Feet should be hip-width. Start the movement with a dip, with the focus being bending the knee and maintaining an upright torso. After the dip aggressively drive with the legs and as the hips extend push hard with the arms until you are at full extension.

In this set, we use the RPE chart to regulate the training intensity. The chart ranges from 1-10, with 1 being absolutely no effort, and 10 being a maximum effort.



10 Minute Ladder:

2 Thrusters
10 Double-Unders
4 Thrusters
20 Double-Unders
6 Thrusters
30 Double- Unders
8 Thrusters
40 Double-Unders

RX+: 115#/75#
RX: 95#/65#
AX: 75#/55#

Workout Tip

AX – for masters athletes or novice athletes that want to move and have fun.
RX – most athletes that have training experience and want a little push!
RX+ – competitive athletes that want a little more dose of the good stuff.

Thrusters: you should choose a weight that you can perform in sets of 4-6 repetitions.

Double-Unders: scale to x 2 single-unders if needed.

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