A) 9-7-5 of:

Hand Release Push-Up
Turkish Get-Up (go light)

B) 4:00 running clock:

20 Double-Unders
8 Strict Dumbbell Press (20lb/10lb)
40yd Sprint


Bench Press

A) 1 set x 4 reps @ 70% of 1 Rep Max or (+5 lbs previous session) Program weight increases from week 3
B) 1 Set x 4 reps @ 90% of set (A)
C) 1 Set x 7 reps @ 85% of set (A)

Objective- Match your reps in sets A and B

– Rest 90 sec between sets

Strength Tip

Squeeze your shoulder blades to support your shoulders. Use a ‘straight-line path’ to your chest with the bar. Hands are placed on the bar in a neutral position, just outside shoulder width



100 Double-Unders
80 Wall Balls
60 Box Jumps
40 Power Snatch @ 95/65
20 Burpee Pull-Ups
400m Run

Workout Tip

Chip away, break your reps up early and focus on your breathing. Do not redline, however, I would love for you to push the pace so you can start to practice threshold training. Push it just enough to sense your “redline” pace and then back off.

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