A) 4 Rounds, One Round every 2 min:

10 Med Ball Cleans 20lb/14lb
25yd Farmer Carry 53lb/35lb

B) 20-18-16-14

Russian Kettlebell Swings


3 sets x 5 reps

Objective: find a weight that is moderately challenging to build off of every week for the next 8 weeks. Rest 3 minutes between sets. (Compare to 7/25. This is Week 6 of 8)

Strict Pull-Ups
10 sets x 3 reps from fail

Tempo: 2:1:1 (2 sec up,1 sec hold, 1 sec down)

– Rest 90 sec between sets

*Training 3 reps from failure means train until you think you have 3 reps left in the tank, then stop.

Strength Tip

Deadlift: feet are in the athletic position, hip-width apart. Load your hamstrings before you engage the first pull.
Once the bar passes your knee, extend your hips forward and keep pulling the bar close to your body.

Strict Pull-Up: grab the bar with a supinated grip ( Your palms should be facing your face.) Start at full extension from the bar, then pull your chin over the bar. If This is challenging, jump up to your chin above the bar then lower yourself slowly for 3 reps.


For Time:

24 Cal Row
24 Dumbbell Power Cleans, 50#/35#
24 Cal Row
24 Dumbbell Power Cleans, 50#/35#
16 Cal Row
16 Dumbbell Power Cleans, 50#/35#
8 Cal Row
8 Dumbbell Power Cleans, 50#/35#

Workout Tip

Dumbbell Power Cleans: athletes should start the movement standing with a dumbbell in each hand and their feet under their hips. Athletes should lower the dumbbells down by hinging at the hips and bending at the knees. Only one portion of the dumbbell needs to touch the ground.

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