Trifecta Trifecta

Thursday 06.13.19


A) 3 Rounds:

15m High Knees
15m Butt Kicker
200m Run

B) 3 Rounds:

6 Front Squats, with an empty bar
6 Strict Press
3 Hang Squat Cleans
3 Strict Pull-Ups



2 @ RPE 6
2 @ RPE 7×2 sets
2 @ RPE 8×3 sets

Strength Tip

Objective: build to an RPE of 7 for 2 sets, then build to an RPE of 8 for 3 sets, performing the Olympic movement with the assigned rep ranges with every weight jump.


Every 2 Minutes x 5 Rounds:

200m Run
2 Muscle-Ups
Max Power Clean

2 Minutes rest

RX: 135#/95#
AX: 95#/65#

Note: the goal is to keep a consistent intensity in ALL 5 Rounds. With the Muscle-Ups being unbroken.

Workout Tip

Run: you should not spend more than 1 minute on the 200M run, scale as needed.

Muscle-Up: you should complete this station in 30 seconds or less. Scale to one if needed or scale to 6 chest-to-bar pull-ups if possible.

Barbell: you should choose a weight that you can complete in touch and go fashion or quick singles.

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