Trifecta Trifecta

Thursday 04.19.18


A) 8 Minute running clock:

Odd minutes: 10 Wall Ball 20lb/14lb
Even minutes: 25 Double Unders

*Sub double-unders with 50 singles

Rest 1:00 between sections A and B

B) Tempo Work 2:00 min unbroken:

3:2:1 (3 seconds down, 2 seconds hold, 1 second up

3 Front Squats ( with empty bar)

Rest 10 sec

*Complete 3 front squats at tempo then rest prescribed time, repeat for 2 min without dropping the bar


Front Squat

A) 1 set x 4 reps @ 70% of Heavy Single
B) 1 Set x 4 reps @ 90% of set A
C) 1 Set x 7 reps @ 85% of set A

* Heavy singles are generally 90-95% of an athletes 1 Rep Max or (+5lbs previous session)

Objective – match your reps in sets A and B.

– Rest 90 sec between sets

Strength Tip

Focus on high elbows and entire hands on the barbell. Build the capacity to maintain thoracic extension under load. The front squat doesn’t allow the athlete to lean forward, so ensure you are driving through your midfoot and allow your knees to travel forward, loading force on the quads.


6 rounds of:

3 minutes to complete

1 Clean (heavy, around 80% of your best lift)
9 Touch and Go Cleans @ 95#

Rest the remainder of the 3 minutes. Your time starts over at the 3-minute mark.

Workout Tip

Scale your weight accordingly. You should NOT be failing your first rep and you MUST go unbroken on the set of 9 so choose weights that will allow you to get this stimulus.

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