Trifecta Trifecta

Sunday 11.18.18


A) 1 Round:

400m Row
10 Wall Balls (Light)
300m Row
10 Wall Balls
200m Row
10 Wall Balls
100m Row
10 Wall Balls

B) 30-20-10:



“Annie Are You Ok?”


50-40-30-20-10 For Time:

Double Unders
Anchored Sit-Ups

– Rest 3 Minutes

For Time:


Hand Release Push-Ups
Goblet Lunges, 53#/35#
Kettlebell Swings, 53#/35#
800m Run

Workout Tip

Double-Unders: athlete should be able to complete 50 double-unders in 75 seconds at most. Scale repetitions accordingly. Scale movement to 2x single-unders if needed.

Sit-Up: athletes should be able to work at a rate of 30 sit-ups per 90 seconds at most. Scale accordingly.

Hand Release Push-Ups: athletes should not spend more than 4 Minutes on the round of 60. 3 minutes on the round of 40, and 2 minutes on the round of 20.

Lunges: scale load so the athlete can do sets of at least 10-16 repetitions unbroken.

American Swings: sets of 15-20 per sets.

Run: scale distance so athletes will not go over 4 minutes per run.

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