Trifecta Trifecta

Saturday 11.30.19


A) 2 rounds:

200m Run
10m High Knee
10m Butt Kicker
10 Overhead Squats, with a PVC pipe

B) 2 rounds:

12 Dumbbell Snatches
6 Strict Pull-Ups
3 Burpee (no push-up)


Power Snatch

3 reps @ RPE 6
3 reps @ RPE 7×2 rounds

Strength Tip

If your technique is not there yet with the snatch, stay above the knees and master this position first before adding more range of motion. Make sure your weight is in the middle of the foot, and your back is straight with their shoulders pinched back. From the ground lift the bar and receive the bar in the “power” position with the hip crease above parallel.


15-Minute Ladder:

200m Sandbag Run
3 Rope Climbs
4 Overhead Squats, 95#/65#
200m Sandbag Run
3 Rope Climbs
8 Overhead Squats
200m Sandbag Run
3 Rope Climbs
12 Overhead Squats
200m Sandbag Run
3 Rope Climbs
16 Overhead Squats…etc

Workout Tip

Overhead Squat: should be at a load where you can complete 3- 6 repetitions each time you grab the bar.

Run: if you do not have a sandbag, grab a wall ball!

Rope Climb: each round of rope climb should not take more than 75 seconds each time. Scale repetitions as needed.

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