Trifecta Trifecta

Saturday 07.28.18


3 rounds of:

1 Wall Walk
4 Push-Up
8 Jumping Lunges

– Rest 20 sec

4 Min EMOM:

4 Strict Press
8 Lunges, with a barbell overhead


Split Jerk

2 Split Jerks Every Minute On The Minute (EMOM) x 20 min
(Compare to 7/7)

Objective: start the EMOM with an empty bar, and add every 2 perfect sets until EMOM is complete. Once you reach a weight that is challenging or feels like an 8/10 in difficulty, stay there until EMOM is complete.

Strength Tip

Nice and controlled dip, keeping the torso upright. During the dip, weight should be in the middle of the foot. Push aggressively up and land in a solid split stance with the bar locked out overhead. Crisp movement is the priority overload.


For Total Reps:

2min Strict Chin-Ups
2min Box Overs, 24inch/20inch
2min Rest

90sec Strict Chin-Ups
90sec Box Overs, 24inch/20inch
90sec Rest

60sec Strict Chin-Ups
60sec Box Overs, 24inch/20inch
60sec Rest

30sec Strict Chin-Ups
30sec Box Overs, 24inch/20inch
30sec Rest

Workout Tip

Chin Ups: if an athlete cannot perform chin-ups, they may perform ring rows.

Box Overs: scale height to have athlete jump on a box and step down.

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