Trifecta Trifecta

Saturday 05.04.19


A) 2 Rounds:

20 seconds Cal Bike
10 seconds Rest
20 seconds Ball Slams
10 seconds Rest

B) 3 Rounds:

3 Overhead Squats, with an empty bar
3 Muscle Snatches
10 Wall Balls


Hang Snatch Above the Knees + Hang Snatch Below the Knees

1 @ RPE 6
1 @ RPE 7
1 @ RPE 8 x 2 sets

Objective: build to an RPE of 8 for 2 sets, performing the complete complex with every weight jump. The first 2 movements will start with a deadlift to the appropriate position. The last lift will be from the ground.

In this set, we use the RPE chart to regulate the training intensity. The chart ranges from 1-10, with 1 being absolutely no effort, and 10 being a maximum effort.


Every 4 Minutes x 3 Rounds:

30/25 Calorie Row
15 Squat Cleans

RX+: 95#/65#
RX: 75#/55#
AX: 75#/55#, Ground-to-Overhead

Workout Tip

AX – for masters athletes or novice athletes that want to move and have fun.
RX – most athletes that have training experience and want a little push!
RX+ – competitive athletes that want a little more dose

Calorie Row: you should be able to complete all the rowing portion in 2 minutes or less, scale as needed.

Squat Cleans: choose a weight that you can complete in 3 sets or less.

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