Trifecta Trifecta

Saturday 03.31.18


A) 5 Roundsб 25 sec work / 10 sec rest:

Wall Balls 20lb/14lb
– Rest
Double Unders
– Rest
Strict Dumbbell Press 25lb/15lb
– Rest

*Sub Wall Ball with Air Squat
*Sub Double-Under with Singles

B) Gymnastics, 5:00 Running Clock:

Handstand Kick-Up

Do it at your own pace. Focus on creating the tripod position with your hands and head. Think of this stance as the overhead position of a press. We want our hands and head to form a triangle. Point your thumbs toward one another on the floor. Kick up into full extension and use your hips to assist you. Execute a forward roll if you lose balance


Strength Deload Week: Fatigue management by reducing the training volume. This increases your ability to maintain the gains you’ve made during the previous training cycle. Intensity shouldn’t drop below 50% at any time.

Front Squat – Deload
3 x 5 @ 50% of Heavy Single
Heavy singles are generally 90-95% of an athletes 1 Rep Max

– Rest 90 sec between sets

Dips – Deload

3 sets x %50 reps from previous week

– Rest 90 sec between sets

Strength Tip

Front Squat: focus on high elbows and entire hands on the barbell. Build the capacity to maintain thoracic extension under load

Dips: avoid turning the dip into a deltoid exercise by keeping your shoulders from rotating forward. Pinch your shoulder blades together the same way you do during the bench. Avoid leveraging through the movement and practice the fundamentals correctly.


For time:

30 Back Squats 115#/75#
1-mile run
30 Back Squats

Workout Tip

Choose a weight that you could do your first set of squats in no more than 3 sets. Take your Barbell from the rack. Log this workout because you will see it again.

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