A) 2 Rounds:

10m High Knees
10M Butt Kickers
10M Side Lunges
10M Lunges
10 Push Ups

B) 3 Rounds:

3 Strict Pull-Ups
3 Bar Dips
6 V-Ups
6 Calorie Bike


Bench Press

2 reps @ RPE 6
2 reps @ RPE 7
2 reps @ RPE 8
2 reps @ RPE 9

Objective: build to an RPE of 9 for 2 repetitions in the Bench Press. No back-off sets after you reach the RPE of 9 for 2 repetitions.
In this set, we are using the RPE chart to regulate the training intensity. The chart ranges from 1-10, with 1 being absolutely no effort, and 10 being a maximum effort.



EMOMx10 rounds:


30 Seconds Max Ring Muscle-Ups


30 Seconds Max Calorie Bike

Workout Tip

Ring Muscle-Ups: use this opportunity to work on muscle-ups. If we do not have muscle-ups, scale to 30 seconds of a pulling movement. Choose a pulling movement that is challenging for you for the 30 seconds of work!

Cal Bike: this is a 30-second max effort with a 30-second rest immediately after it.

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