Trifecta Trifecta

Monday 11.11.19


A) 2 Rounds:

10m High Knees
10m Butt Kickers
10m Lunge
100m Run

B) 20-20-20:



Air Squats


Handstand Kick-Up


Back Squat

6 reps @ RPE 6
6 reps @ RPE 7
6 reps @ RPE 8
6 reps @ RPE 9

Strength Tip

Objective: build to a heavy 6 rep squat.

Keep your midsection tight and send your butt slightly back and down. Avoid letting your back round, maintain thoracic extension and only squat as low as proper form allows. Weight should be in the middle of your foot as you reach the bottom – and as you come up from the bottom of the squat.



5 rounds, every 90 Seconds:

200m Run

Then, max repetitions:

Overhead Lunges with a plate, 45#/25#

– Rest 90 seconds

Workout Tip

Set a 90-second clock and perform a 200m run, in the remainder of that 90 seconds perform max overhead lunges. Your score is your total repetitions after all 5 rounds!

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