Trifecta Trifecta

Monday 09.10.18


A) 0:00-3:00
AMRAP following at a 7/10 effort:

8 Dumbbell Hang Power Clean 30#/25#
8 Push-Up
8 Calorie Row


AMRAP following at a 7/10 effort:

5 Pull-Ups
10 Kettlebell Swings, 53#/35#
15 Double-Unders or 30 Single-Unders


Power Clean

3 sets x 3 reps
4 sets x 3 reps

Build over the first three sets to a manageable weight, then repeat that weight for three more sets. Compare to 9/5)

Strength Tip

If athletes’ technique is not there yet with the clean from the ground, stay above the knees and master this position first before adding more range of motion. Make Sure athletes weight is in the middle of the foot, and their back is straight with their shoulders pinched back. From the ground lift the bar and receive the bar in the front rack position with the hip crease of the athlete above parallel.



Every Minute on the Minute for 16 Minutes Alternate Stations:

Minute 1 :
2 Rope Climbs

Minute 2:
20 Knee Raises

Minute 3:
20 Push Press 75#/55#

Minute 4:
20 Abmat Sit-Ups

Workout Tip

Rope Climb: rope climbs should be completed quickly. Scale to 1 rope climb for novice athletes. Scale down to partial rope climbs (mark a height on the rope with tape) or, for athletes who cannot perform rope climbs, substitute rope pulls, where the athlete begins lying face up on the ground with the rope in their hands and pulls themselves to standing, maintaining a hollow body position. Difficulty can be increased by elevating the feet. If no rope is available, athletes should perform 6 strict pull-ups.

Knee Raises: athletes should work on pushing down on the bar and bringing the knees as high and close to the chest as possible. Movements should be kipping.

Push Press: athletes should pick a weight that is light enough to complete in one to two sets.

Sit-Up: make sure athletes have the abmat correctly placed. No burning that tailbone!

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