Trifecta Trifecta

Monday 07.22.19


A) 2 rounds:

200m Row
20m High Knees
20m Butt Kickers
20 Ring Rows

B) 2 Rounds:

40 seconds Plank Hold
20 seconds rest
40 seconds Air Squats
20 seconds rest
40 calories on Bike
20 seconds Rest


1 Power Clean + 1 Split Jerk

1 set @RPE6
1 set @ RPE7
1 set @ RPE8

Strength Tip

Objective: build to an RPE of 8 for 3 sets at the complex listed. You should complete the olympic movements with the assigned rep ranges with every weight jump.

Power Clean from Floor: if your technique is not there yet with the clean from the ground, stay above the knees and master this position first before adding more range of motion. Make sure your weight is in the middle of the foot, and that your back is straight with your shoulders pinched back. From the ground lift the bar and receive the bar in the front rack position with the hip crease of above parallel.

Split Jerk: start the movement with a dip, with the focus being bending the knee and maintaining an upright torso. After the dip aggressively drive with the legs and as the hips extend push hard with the arms until you are at full extension, at the same time of extension with your arms, you should be in a split lunge position.



12 Minutes EMOM:

5 Deadlifts, 185#/135#
10 Push-Ups
15 Air Squats

12/10 Calorie Row

AX: 135#/95#
RX: As is
RX+: 225#/155#

Workout Tip

AX – for masters athletes or novice athletes that want to move and have fun.
RX – most athletes that have training experience and want a little push!
RX+ – competitive athletes that want a little more dose of the good stuff.

You should be able to complete each minute station with at least 15 seconds of rest each round.

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