Trifecta Trifecta

Friday 12.14.18


A) 2 Rounds:

10m High Knees
5 Push-Ups
10M Butt Kickers
5 Push-Ups
10m Bear Crawl

B) EMOM x 8 minues

Odd minutes: 5 calorie Row + 10 Air Squats
Even minutes: 30 seconds Plank, in push up position


Push Press

3 sets x 10 reps
2 sets x 10 reps

Strength Tip

Stand with your feet under your hips, grab the bar with a grip that is slightly outside your shoulders. Dip slightly, then aggressively push with your legs, as your legs extend, push the bar over your head.



For Time:

8 Bench Press*
16 Calorie Row
8 Bench Press
24 Calorie Row
8 Bench Press
32 Calorie Row
8 Bench Press
40 Calorie Row

AX: 95#/65#
RX: 135#/95#
RX+: 185#/125#

Workout Tip

AX – for masters athletes or novice athletes that want to move and have fun.

RX – most athletes that have training experience and want a little push!

RX+ – competitive athletes that want a little more dose of the good stuff.

Bench Press: athletes should choose a weight they can complete in 2 sets or less.

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