Trifecta Trifecta

Friday 05.18.18


A) For Completion:

7 Hand Release Push-Up
3 Burpee
5 Hand Release Push-Up
5 Burpee
3 Hand Release Push-Up
7 Burpee

B) In 3 minutes:

3 Strict Press (empty)
10yd Bear Crawl
20 sec Rest


Strict Press

4 x 5 @ 60% of 1RM

Rest 60 sec between sets


3 sets x 8-10 reps

Tempo: 1:0:3 (1 sec up,0 sec hold, 3 sec down)

– Rest 60 sec between sets

Strength Tip

Strict Press: keep your elbows down and slightly forward of the bar. Maintain lumbar stability and avoid over-extending at the top of the movement

Dips: avoid turning the dip into a deltoid exercise by keeping your shoulders from rotating forward
Pinch your shoulder blades together the same way you do during the bench. Avoid leveraging through the movement and practice the fundamentals correctly


3 rounds for time:


15 Hang Cleans
10 Shoulder to Overhead
5 Overhead Squats

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