Trifecta Trifecta

Friday 03.29.19


A) EMOM x 6 minutes:

Odd: 40 seconds Row
Even: 40 seconds Jump Rope

B) 2 Rounds of:

200m Run
10 Power Cleans, below the knee with an empty bar
10 Strict Press, with an empty bar
10 Step-Ups
Rest 30 Seconds


Squat Clean

Heavy 3
Then 2 sets x 3 reps at 90% of heaviest 3 rep

Objective: build to a heavy three rep squat clean. Then take 10% off that number and perform the designated number of sets for 3 repetitions.

Strength Tip: if your technique is not there yet with the clean from the ground, stay above the knees and master this position first before adding more range of motion. Make sure your weight is in the middle of the foot, and your back is straight with the shoulders pinched back. From the ground, lift the bar and receive the bar in the front rack position in the bottom of the front squat.



500m Row

50 Double-Unders
25 Hand Release Push-Ups

500m Row

50 Double-Unders
25 Hand Release Push-Ups

Workout Tip

Each station should be completed with some rest in between stations. Scale repetitions as needed to make this happen. You should have a minimum of 30 seconds rest between stations.

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