Trifecta Trifecta

Friday 12.06.19


A) EMOMx8 min:

Odd: Max Double-Unders
Even: 20 Hollow Hold

B) EMOMx8 min:

Odd: Max Burpee Pull-Ups
Even: 20 Handstand Hold

C) EMOMx8 min:

Odd: Bike at RPE 6
Even: 20 sec Bike at RPE 9


1000m Row for Time

10x200m Row

With 1:1 Rest
Note: pace should be at your 1000m Row pace

Workout Tip

Take your pace from your 1k row for time. Use that to pace your 200m repeats. After each set of 200m, hop off the rower and rest for the same duration it took you to complete the 200m row.

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