Trifecta Trifecta

Saturday 11.23.19


A) 2 rounds:

50m Farmers Walk
20 Double-Unders
10 Ring Rows
50m Farmers walk
40 Double-Unders
50m Farmers walk
60 Double-Unders

B) 2 rounds:

400m Run at RPE 6
– 2 minutes Rest
400m Run at RPE 9
(Mark time for 400M at RPE9)
– 4 minutes rest


10x200m Run
With 1:1 Rest
Note: pace should be at your 400M Run at RPE9 pace.

Workout Tip

Take your 200m repeat pace from your best 400M Run at RPE9. Use that to pace, to pace your 200m repeats.

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