Trifecta Trifecta

Thursday 05.31.18


A) 3 Rounds:

45 sec Side Plank Hold (right)
20 sec rest
45 sec Side Plank Hold (left)
20 sec rest

*use the 20 sec rest at the end of round 3 as a transition into section B

B) 5min AMRAP:

7 Strict Press, with an empty bar
9 Walking Lunges
20yd Sprint


Strict Press

A) 2 sets x 6 reps @ 70% of Heavy Single (or +5lbs previous session)
B) 1 Set x 6 reps @ 90% of set (A)
C) 1 Set x 8-10 reps @ 85% of set (A)

Objective – match your reps in sets A and B

*Heavy singles are generally 90-95% of an athletes 1 Rep Max

– Rest 90 sec between sets

Strength Tip

Strict Press: keep your elbows down and slightly forward of the bar. Maintain lumbar stability and avoid over-extending at the top of the movement.


20 min AMRAP:

400m Run
5 Turkish Get-Ups each Arm 70/53
45 feet Handstand Walk (must walk at least 15 feet at a time or restart at previous 15 feet mark)
30 sec L-Sit on parallettes (set up with feet above the 45lb bumper plate. If feet touch plate time stops)

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