A) Every 4 Minutes x 3 Rounds:

200m Run
10 Pull-Ups,
10 Empty Bar Deadlifts, 20”

B) 4 Rounds:

4 Strict Press, with an empty bar
8 Front Squats, with an empty bar
6/6 Kettlebell Windmill



3 Rounds:

Alternating each station in order, 1 min on / 1 min off:

Power Snatch, 75#/55#
Box Jump, 24”/20”
Thrusters, 75#/55#
Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups

Workout Tip

Start with Burpees and move through in order, and start over for a total of 3 complete rounds. Scale load and movements to be able to complete a min of 8 repetitions each round.

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