Trifecta Trifecta

Wednesday 09.13.17

For Time:

20 Back Squats
1 mile run
20 Back Squats

Barbell: reference 155#/105# when choosing your weight.

Goal: go unbroken on your first set of back squats.

Workout Tip:

Recover on the first half of the run and push the second half.

Choose a weight that you know you can do your first set of back squats unbroken. This workout will challenge your ability to clear fatigue while moving, this is a great skill to have and will get easier the more we do work like this.

Back Squat while keeping a tight midline and thinking of pulling your rib cage down slightly, squat until your hip crease passes your knee and stand back up to full extension. It’s very important that you do NOT lose tension ( tightness in your stomach and back) during the lift at any point.

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