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Pocket WOD app is the #1 undisputed FREE app for HIIT Functional Fitness fitness.

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Whether you are in your home gym while doing functional movements or weight lifting & exercising in a globo gym Pocket WOD app has you covered, because it’s keeping you on track with workouts and challenges that will prove your fitness.

Pocket WOD app is at its core a powerful content engine keeping all the daily fitness information you care about in one place.

Why step up and download the best app for Functional Fitness:

• Workout of the Day (wod), updated daily!
• Premium workout movement videos for wod’s and exercise movements
• Extensive wod library of workouts including Hero wod’s
• Weight % Calculator, Kilo -> Pounds Converter, and Measure Wheel, seems like all you need in one place
• Automatic data backups
• Access www.pocketwod.com to see your wods and export your data
• Free tabata timer, stopwatch, AMRAP & EMOM timer for home fitness
• Take any wod workout and log it in a calendar using our wod Log
• Hero wod workouts with tributes to our fallen soldiers
• Movement library with premium video demonstrations
• All of your exercise and workout data is securely stored in the cloud
• RSS Reader to add your own favorite workout feeds or your own boxes feed
• Optimized for fitness on your iPhone or iPad

This app keeps you getting primal on the go with our extensive workout of the day and Lift libraries including demo exercise videos. Track your workout progress with our workout timers, wod and Movement PR logs.

Pocket wod provides everything you need to turn your phone into a tool that will enhance your training and fitness lifestyle. Take your workout to the next level and download Pocket wod now – You have nothing to lose but physical weakness!

Best functional fitness WOD app on the market