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50% OFF Basics & all strengths of TGF Deer Antler Velvet!


These people never cease to amaze me – apparently TEN changed the logo on their extremely popular strength & recovery supplement TGF Deer Antler Velvet so…50% ON ALL STRENGTHS UNTIL WE SELL OUT! Click here to get it.

As if thats not enough they want to clear out ALL of their Basics line – so 50% off that too!!! We’re talking the highest grade Creatine, Grass Fed Why Protein and Pre-Workout supplements on the market for dirt cheap! Click here to get it.

  • Games Champion Shawn Ramirez talks about Deer Antler

    Listen to the current CrossFit Games Masters Champ Shawn Ramirez
    talk about AGF on the on the CrossFit Cooldown Show.

  • CrossFit Games Athletes Testimonials on Deer Antler

    Hear the first hand testimonials for AGF / TGF from several CrossFit
    Games Athletes as well as other professional athletes.

So what is this Deer Antler stuff and why is it so pricey?

To answer the first part of that question it is Deer Antler Velvet. To answer the second part it is because IT WORKS. I cannot stress enough that this is the most effective supplement I have ever taken. 20lbs of muscle and 30+ lbs on my Back Squat and Clean+Jerk PR’s in 30 days, I was blown away – FYI I took the 1500 strength product which unless you are Rich Froning is all you need!

The reason Deer Antler Velvet is so effective is because of IGF-1 (Insulin-Like Growth Factor-1). This is the same stuff you can get in much smaller doses from something like milk. In short AGF will put your body in to a highly Anabolic state similar to HGH or an illegal steroid. The difference is AGF is simply stimulating your body to naturally make this state occur as opposed to something illegal which is synthetically creating the state. The major difference there is when this state is naturally occurred your body can turn it off or on.When using something synthetic like steroids or HGH your body cannot turn it off so therefore at a certain point it starts to cause damage and hence should be illegal. AGF is completely safe, legal and is not a banned substance. Yes its Deer Antler Velvet that is doing all the heavy lifting. TEN using a very proprietary process to make sure the Antler is KEPT ALIVE once it is clipped from the deer (don’t worry the deers are fine and it grows back in 3 months). Most Antler Velvet you buy is DEAD which greatly reduces its effectiveness, they essentially keep binding the antler till it dies and falls off.

A little background on TEN, they were essentially one of the first people to bring Deer Antler Velvet over from New Zealand. In fact they have owned the actual farm where their Deer Antler is harvested in NZ for over a decade. The deer is put to sleep, the antler is gently clipped and then immediately flash frozen to keep it alive. TEN’s parent company has been selling white label antler velvet to homeopathic MD’s for YEARS…cough cough Ray Lewis. TEN is their response to great demands of CrossFit training on an athletes body.

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