AGF - Deer Antler Velvet with Tribulus

AGF™ is a powerful recovery formula made with deer antler velvet and tribulus. TEN Institute uses the highest quality antler extract available, derived from elk raised in the United States. Deer antler velvet contains a naturally-balanced matrix of growth factors that support recovery, improve performance, rebuild damaged muscle tissue, reduce soreness, balance hormones, and improve energy. The tribulus in AGF™ also assists in raising glutathione levels, balancing hormones, and regulating and improving immune response.

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Day 2 CrossFit Regionals Recap

Meridian Region

File May 29, 7 57 48 AM

Sara Sigmundsdottir stayed on top of the Leaderboard with top 5 finishes in each of the Events and will crush both Sunday workouts.  Annie T remained in 2nd place with consistent performances on all 3.  Sam Briggs fought her way up the rankings, and after 1st/2nd/3rd place finishes on Saturday she now sits in 3rd. Despite a 17th place finish on Event 4, Karl Gudmundsson sits on top on the Men’s side.  Jonne Koski made up ground and sits in 3rd place after a solid Day 2.

Other Notables: Lukas Hogberg is in 5th place, Frederik Aegidius sits in 8th and still in contention.


East Region:

File May 29, 7 43 57 AM

Mat Fraser picked up two more 1st place finishes (4 consecutive in a row) on Saturday after crushing Events 3 and 4, and has a 99 point lead going into the final day. Patrick Vellner came out of nowhere and sits in 2nd going into Sunday.  Canadians Alex Vigneault and Albert-Dominic Larouche only dropped a spot and sit in 3rd/4th respectively. Katrin Davidsdottir stayed steady across the board and still holds the top spot.  Michele Letendre had to be carried off the floor after event 6, but lucky for her it was cramping and not injury related.

Other Notables: Spencer Hendel is in 8th and only 18 points outside of 5th place.


Central Region:


File May 29, 7 44 17 AM


Sheila Barden sits on top of the Central heading into Sunday and looks more focused than ever. Brooke Wells destroyed Saturday and sits in 3rd.  On the Men’s side, Jacob Heppner crushed all 3 Events and now holds a 10-point lead over Scott Panchik. Alex Anderson and Sam Dancer both look to hold their top 5 spots on the final day of competition.

Other Notables: Graham Holmberg is in 7th and has 30 points to make up on Sunday. Nicole Holcomb got bumped back to 9th and Julie Foucher is in 15th.


Photo Credit: CrossFit Inc. and Rogue Fitness